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Dissertations in Progress

You may also view Recently Defended Dissertations.

Daniel Benson
Resonances of Revolution: The “Social Question” between Literature and Journalism, 1830-1848
Director: Prof. Kristin Ross

Susan Cater
Relating the Real: Édouard Glissant's Avant-garde Poetics
Director: Prof. J. Michael Dash

Andrew Dubrov

The Disenchanted Traveler
Director: Prof. Denis Hollier

Manoah Finston
Managing the Object, Managing the Self in the 19th Century Novel
Director: Prof. Emily Apter

Aubrey Korneta

Writing (in) the School: Codes. Constraints. Emancipation?
Directors: Prof. Claudie Bernard

Raina Levesque
In Praise of Clumsiness: Maladresse, Parapraxis, & Other Abilities
Director: Prof. Emily Apter

Anna Miller

Craving Exchange: The Theatre of Bernard-Marie Koltès
Co-Directors: Prof. Thomas Bishop & Prof. Judith Miller