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Dissertations in Progress

You may also view Recently Defended Dissertations.

Christopher Bonner
Negations of Negritude: Marxism, Cold War Geopolitics and the Ideology of Literary Form in French Caribbean Literature
Director: Prof. J. Michael Dash

Laura Hughes
"For Life": Cixous's and Derrida's Shared Archives
Director: Prof. Emily Apter

Joshua Jordan 
Henri Michaux and the Potential of Politics
Director: Prof. Denis Hollier

Whitney Krahn
Novel Architecture: The Fictional Writings of Viollet-le-Duc
Director: Prof. Richard Sieburth and Prof. Stéphane Gerson

Virginie Lauret

Jacques Rivettes, comédies humaines
Directors: Prof. Ludovic Cortade and Prof. Emily Apter

Myron McShane
Jean Dorat's New Art: Translating Philology into Prophecy
Director: Prof. Benoit Bolduc

Julie Sage

The Figure of the Recumbent Man in Modern French Literature: From Paul Valéry to Georges Bataille
Director: Prof. Denis Hollier

Raphaël Sigal 
Artaud, le sens de la lecture
Director: Prof. Denis Hollier