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Nancy Freeman Regalado

(Retired); Professor of French , Medieval & Renaissance Center ; Director, Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program

Ph.D., Yale; B.A., Wellesley

Office Address: 

13 University Place, 617 New York, New York (US) 10003


(212) 998-8737


(212) 995-3539

Areas of Research/Interest: 

Medieval literature and culture; lyric and narrative; reader reception and performance theory


Fellowships: American Council of Learned Societies; National Endowment for the Humanities,Guggenheim. Awards: Officer of the Ordre des Palmes Académiques; NYU Distinguished Teaching Medal; New York University Golden Dozen Award for Excellence in Teaching. Festschrift: Cultural Performances in Medieval France: Essays in honor of Nancy Freeman Regalado, eds. Eglal Doss-Quin by, Roberta L. Krueger, E. Jane Burns. Cambridge, UK:. S. Brewer, 2007.

Articles in Archive

“Saying Your Prayers: Poetic Expression of Secularism in Villon’s Testament,” in Coming Late, Coming After: In Honor of Professor Jane Taylor, ed. Rebecca Dixon (Durham University Press, 2009).

The Songs of Jehannot de Lescurel in Paris, BnF MS Fr. 146  Love Lyrics, Moral Wisdom, and the Material Book“Love Lyrics, Moral Wisdom, and the Material Book,” in Poetry, Knowledge and Community in Late Medieval France, ed. Rebecca Dixon and Finn E. Sinclair, with the participation of Adrian Armstrong, Sylvia Huot, and Sarah Kay (Woodbridge: Boydell and Brewer, 2008.)

“Les ailes des chevaliers et l’ordre du MS Douce 308,” in Lettres et musique en Lorraine du XIIIe au XVe siecle,ed. Mireille Chazan, Nancy Freeman Regalado and Robert Muller (in preparation).

“Swineherds at Court: Kalila et Dimna, Le Roman de Fauvel, Machaut, and the Decameron,” in Ch”ançon legiere a chanter,” Essays on Old French Literature in honor of Samuel N. Rosenberg, eds. Karen. Fresco and Wendy Pfeffer Birmingham:.Summa, 2007..

“Fortune’s Two Crowns: Images of Kingship in the Paris, BnF Ms. Fr. 146 Roman de Fauvel,”  in Studies in Manuscript Illumination: A Tribute to Lucy Freeman Sandler. Eds. Kathryn Smith and Carol H. Krinsky. London: Harvey Miller-Brepols, 2007, pp. 125-140.

“A Contract for a Festival Book:  Sarrasin’s Le Roman du Hem (1278), in Acts and Texts: Performance and Ritual in the Middle Ages and Renaissance,  ed. Laurie Postlewate.  Ludus: , 8.. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2007, pp. 249-65.

“Picturing the Story of Chivalry in Jacques Bretel’s Tournoi de Chauvency (Oxford, Bodleian MS Douce 308)”  in Tributes to Jonathan J. G. Alexander: Making and Meaning in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Eds. Susan L’Engle and Gerald B.Guest. London: Harvey Miller-Brepols, 2006, pp. 341-52.

“Le Romant de la Rose moralisé de Jean Molinet: Alchimie d’une lecture méditative,” in Mobilité du texte et jointures, ed. Milena Mikhailova. Orléans: Paradigme, 2005, pp. 99-118.

“Performing Romance:  Arthurian Interludes in Sarrasin’s Le Roman du Hem (1278),” in Performing Medieval Narrative, eds. E. B. Vitz, Nancy Freeman Regalado, and Marilyn  Lawrence. Oxford: Brewer, 2005, pp. 103-19.

Performing Medieval Narrative. Ed. with E. B. Vitz and Marilyn Lawrence.  Oxford: Boydell and Brewer, 2005.

Le Roman de Fauvel in the Edition of Mesire Chaillou de Pesstain. Ed. Edward Roesner. Introduction by François Avril, Nancy F. Regalado and Edward Roesner. New York: Broude Brothers. 1990.

Poetic Patterns in Rutebeuf. Yale University Press. 1970.

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