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Undergraduate Program

Upcoming Undergraduate Courses

The major in French promotes oral and written fluency in French and provides a broad foundation in French and Francophone literature and culture.  It also imparts strong analytical and interpretative skills and an enhanced understanding of cross-cultural change and contrasts.  The major is at once structured and attuned to the skills, knowledge, and interests of individual students.  Students design a coherent yet personalized sequence of courses in consultation with their departmental advisor (appointed upon declaring the major).  A semester- or year-long stay in the NYU Paris program is an integral dimension of the major.  If this proves impossible, summer study is highly advised.

The Director of Undergraduate Studies assigns each major a permanent faculty advisor within the department. The advisor helps the student plan a course of study in line with her interests (literature, culture, Francophonie). Majors must meet with their advisor at least once per semester to obtain clearance for the following semester.  When students are abroad, the process takes place via email.

The prerequisite for admission to the major the completion of Conversation and Composition (FREN-UA 30) with a grade of B- or better (or an equivalent course or exam).  No grade lower than C may be counted toward the major. Credits in AP French language (4 or 5) exempt students from Conversation and Composition; credits in AP French Literature (4 or 5) exempt students from one section of Readings in French Literature.

The department sponsors internships in education, journalism, publishing, and international relations.  The undergraduate administrative aide keeps a database of internship opportunities.  Undergraduates taking French find an intellectually stimulating and congenial atmosphere in which to pursue their studies. Café et Conversation and  Ciné-Club events and informal conversation groups held at La Maison Française afford opportunities for social and cultural interaction.

The Department of French is proud of the number of undergraduates who have been elected to Pi Delta Phi, the national French Honor Society. More than 1,000 students, including some 220 majors, are normally engaged in undergraduate study within the Department of French each semester.

Placement Exams

In order to ensure that students are placed in the appropriate course for their language level, students must demonstrate their French language skills through one of four placement options: (1.)  the SAT Subject test in French, which may be completed prior to enrollment or in-person at NYU after arrival on campus, (2.) the AP French Language and Culture Exam, (3.) the IB French Test (high level), or (4.) the WebCAPE Online Placement Exam. For more information, see French Language Placement Information.